Mission & Value

Our mission at OuGranada is to give all our clients the opportunity to see how technology can work for you and not against you. We will do our best to illuminate the way according to the our clients needs without exceeding their budget. We want to add a value not only on hardware but on the level of how our client feels inside, for them to have a feeling of enlightenment once we have added the value of our services.




OuGranada is managed by a certified technician with 19 years of experience with spiritual values who understands that every action has a reaction thus ensuring the best quality service possible to offer.


Our Experience has sculpted us into a humble business, which ensures that we know what is possible within the scopes of our experience and when to outsource certain projects to vetted partners.

19 +

Years Experience

Whether technology’s effect is good or bad depends on the user. It is important that we shouldn’t be slaves to technology. It should help us.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama